About this Blog


The primary purpose of these pages is to give residents of Ash and New Ash Green a bit more information about what I am doing as a district Councillor in Ash and New Ash Green, as well as to provide a way for you to get in contact with me.

George Pender on New Ash Green Minnis

I will also provide a platform to set down answers to questions which may be of public interest, especially if I receive a lot of correspondence on an issue.

However, it is important that an online presence does not become a major focus of my role on the council, so I do not intend to write about every committee meeting or event I attend. Also, much of the work of a Councillor is done outside formal political structures, for example, by speaking informally to officers or to residents, fellow Councillors, local groups, housing associations or, occasionally, national politicians. I do not intend this website to be a full record of those matters either.

I will, however, generally write something here when I make a speech at full council.