Children's Centre Times (KCC service)

KCC Children's Centre

KCC Children's centre times. New Ash Green.

KCC Children's Centre times

I have been asked about the new Children's Centre times (see image above).

Although this information is available on the Kent County Council (KCC) website, and on a well known social networking site, it is not immediately obvious how to find it, so I have reproduced it here.

I am very pleased that Kent County Council have, at a time of extraordinary budgetary pressures, decided to (and been able to!) prioritise early years' development in this way. I know from long running discussions with our own County Councillor and New Ash Green resident, David Brazier, that he has given this matter significant attention over the last few years.

It is very welcome indeed that the County Council has felt able to offer three weekly drop-in sessions (i.e. no need to book) across New Ash Green and Hartley (one in the Children's centre itself, and one in each of the libraries - see above image). If you attend one of these sessions you may also be consulted on the future shape of the Children's Centre offer.