New bin collection day

Waste Collection

Mostly on Tuesdays (with some on Mondays)

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You should have received a note through the door telling you your new bin collection day.  From today and tomorrow the vast majority of us, in Ash and New Ash Green, will now have our rubbish collected on Tuesdays, this includes every (residential) rubbish collection to a New Ash Green neighbourhood, or any other "DA3" postcodes within Ash. 

The picture for residents with a "TN15" postcode (with various parts of Ash) is more mixed, but most of these will also be on Tuesdays, with a number on Mondays. 

In order to confirm your own new collection day, visit SDC website here.

The reason for this is to improve the efficiency of our collections, allowing us to meet our continuing commitment to the full, simple, weekly collection which we currently enjoy.  Hopefully it will also be easier to time street cleaning operations which (ideally) should follow in the days after waste collection.

A lot of detailed work has gone on behind the scenes with officers and collection teams to ensure this transition runs smoothly. However, as with any major change, unexpected problems large or small are possible and the individuals doing your particular round are likely to change. Do get in touch if there are any issues with your collection this week, or in in the weeks to come.