Monthly Saturday Surgery


Third Saturday of the Month


Your local councillors will be holding a regular Saturday Surgery from 10am to midday on the third Saturday of every month.

So the next few dates are:

Saturday 17th December

Saturday 21st January 

Saturday 18th February

… and so on, on whichever Saturday falls between the 15th and the 21st of the month (inclusive).

This is an opportunity to come with either a particular personal issue which needs fixing for you or your family, or any broader policy issue which you would like to discuss in person and this can be either by arrangement or simply a drop in.

Of course, all the existing channels of communication remain open as well (link).

If you are not sure what level of local Government your concern relates to then do not worry, even if the District is not the key decision maker on an issue, we will work with collogues in other layers of Government to ensure your concern in heard by the appropriate person.