Covid-19 and Sevenoaks District Council


An outline of some of the things SDC is doing at this time.

SDC office closed, but services continue

For our part Sevenoaks' District council has implemented the following measures:

  • Car parking charges have been removed, clearly we are in unusual times and car travel is, for a time, to be encouraged in preference to using public transport.
  • Maintaining our services in challenging circumstances. This includes the weekly bin collection in the face of higher levels of domestic waste, and obvious potential staffing issues. Note: Rotas may have to change slightly in order to allow staggered arrivals/departures from the Dunbrick depot to facilitate social distancing for our workers, but the frequency is unchanged.
  • Implementing the various grant schemes for small businesses, as instituted by Central Government. The letters for this have now gone out.
  • Housing Benefit and Council tax support is being arranged, including support which is not included in Central Government Schemes.
  • The council has given some financial support to a scheme run by the Invicta Chamber of commerce, to help businesses within the district.
  • Finally SDC is also launching a Community Volunteer Scheme but there are also a number of more local volunteering schemes.